I shared this dyeing and weaving experiment on Facebook also. Please share your work here or on Facebook or both. I’m sure I’m not the only one missing seeing the beautiful work that our members create.

How to tame a bright warp? Using a technique that Cindy Fowler and Lucy DeFranco taught during a dye workshop a few summers ago, I wound a ball of 8/2 tencel with enough yarn for a 3 yard warp, kept it as a ball and dyed it yellow, then squirted it with leftover Procion MX dyes: orange, magenta and plum. I liked the variegation, but it was too orange for my liking. I thought that red would be a good weft but remembered that complementary colors tone down bright colors so used the red and blue wefts in a sample with two different treadlings and decided on the blue weft for an 8 shaft twill with a braided twill treadling and added blue to the fringe to tone it down also.

Kathy Fennell

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